Where we match your needs

Create an unforgettable experience with a unique eyecather on your event.

3D printed

Make use of flexible and sustainable production method.


Your design will be customized to your needs.


Don't worry about the product afterwards, we will take it back for another experience.

Begin with the end in mind.

We deliver experiences over and over again by connecting innovative large scale 3D printing technology to produce your tailored objects on demand.

Why 3D printing?

Tailor made designs

Additive instead of destructive

Biobased/recycled materials

Fast design to production



Together we make the design and choose the material specific for your event. Depending on the specifics of the object (windproof, waterproof, heights ...) we define the concept to make the experience complete.


3D print

We print it with the newest 3D printing technology based on pellet extrusion on a robot arm. No worries, our robot never sleeps so we can print 24/7. And just like us, our robot is committed to make every deadline!



Imagine the impossible. Once the object is delivered and the event is starting, the magic happens. Are you ready to blow away the public with your unique, made-to-measure, never seen object that completes the experience?


Make the loop

After use, the item will be taken back, shredded and then printed into your next experiences due to our recycling process.
Now that's what we call 'leaving a footprint together'!

Our mission & values

To simplify the creation of a better world.


For Mother Nature.
For all living creatures.


Life is more than work.
A balanced world is a better world.


The strength of nature.
The strength of a good team.

Challenge the status quo

To grow and reinvent ourselves.
Through innovation.

And then there were three...

As a philocalist, Aagje sees the beauty in all things. She is driven to combine the best of both worlds between design, people and nature

Aagje Rappé
The woman creating the plan.

From a young age, Arne loved everything about pop culture. He started designing figures so he would have his superheroes always standing by his side.

Arne Mortier
The man designing the plan.

With a background and passion for robotics and automatisation Pieter makes sure the whole operation runs smoothly. He's a true problem solver for anything.

Pieter Maelegheer
The man executing the plan.